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Silvana Martignoni



Silvana Martignoni was born in Busto Arsizio, she attended the Art High School and the “Brera” Academy of Fine Arts  in Milan with her final thesis on the “visionary” poet and engraver William Blake. Later she specialized in engraving techniques at Urbino Academy.
In the early years of her artistic activity she focused her  interest on the purest engraving techniques  (drypoint, mezzotint, etching). She immediately engaged in a personal research on plant forms, expressed with contemporary attention.
Her prints represent transfigured icons, the result of experiences into the nature observed and of abstraction that are mixed in the persistence of memory.
Concerning the mezzotint she has a real passion, this ancient technique very hardworking lends itself well to her sign, subtle and at the same time strong and decisive, enriched in tonal values close to the painting.
The artist was present in several major graphic international events, obtaining awards and honorable mentions.
The art critics having written about her: Ettore Ceriani, Cliff Parfit, Jean François Chassaing, Mauro Mainardi, Karl Vissers, Patrizia Foglia, Floriano De Santi, Sophie Bergeron, Patrizia Serra, Riccardo Barletta, Miklos N.Varga, Gianfranco Bruno, Rosaria Fontaba, Bruno Pozzato, D.Cara, Fabrizia Buzio Negri, F. Bonalumi, G. Guiotto, G. Pacher, Andrea Nania, Francesco Poerio, L. Spaizzi, Elvira Cassa Salvi, Paolo Bellini, M. De Luca.