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Elena Sevi born in Tecchiena,Alatri (FR)in 1953,graduated in sculpture at the BBAA Academy of Frosinone,where she lives and works.Since 1976 she is involved in pure research activity,making sculpture the prime tool of knowledge and rediscovery of one’s own roots through the use of classic iconography and traditional materials:lead,iron,stone,wood,ceramics,though ever with attention towards contemporaneity.Since the mid 90 s ,alongside the language of sculpture,she has used video,creating fascinating works that mix the two in an evocative manner.In 1993 she was present at the 1 st Biennale Donnarte in  Frosinone and in Manchester,in 1996 she took part in XII Quadriennale d’Arte in Rome,in 1997 she was invited to the 49 th Premio Michetti,then was present at the XXXIII Vasto prize where she returned in 2010,and in 2007 at the 52 nd Biennale di Venezia.Her recent work sees her more and more involved in a deep investigation of the female world,of the old and new violence carried out on women all over the world.The interest in engraving in these last years has led her to exsperiment technically strong language through the use of lead,material always privileged by her.In 2010 she was invited to the Biennale in Campobasso and in 2011 to Turin and in june of this same year,to Riga,the travelling exhibition visiting the most important capitals in East Europe “The Wall”.Then followed an exhibition at Manege Museum in San Petersburg.Her works are present in private and public collections in Italy and abroad