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Patrizia Flaccomio



Patrizia Flaccomio is an etcher, engraver, and painter born in Rome in 1944.
She studied engraving with Arnoldo Ciarrocchi and painting with Alberto Ziveri, Piero Sadun, and Franco Gentilini.
Flaccomio is also the winner of the teacher's competition to the coveted position of engraving techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts and painting disciplines. She is now professor of painting at the Art School of Rome II. Flaccomio has been member  of the Associazione Incisori Veneti since 2001.
Her  works can be found in the office of print Bagnacavallo, the Museum of Formello (RM), the Cabinet of Prints in Gaiarine (TV) and Michetti Museum of  Francavilla al Mare (CH).