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Maria Pina Bentivenga



Maria Pina Bentivenga was born in Stigliano (Italy) in 1973.
In 1991 she moved to Rome where she graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1995.
Since 2000 she has been teaching Graphic Techniques and Special Art Print at RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts) – University of Fine Arts in Rome, Laboratory of Engraving and Painting Disciplines at the Art Institutes and art schools of Rome. Furthermore, since 2010, she teaches engraving at the “San Giacomo” School of Ornamental Arts of the City of Rome
She often holds workshops in different countries.
In 2012 she has held a workshop on engraving and artist’s book techniques at the EASD Zamora (Spain). In the same year she has joined and Artist-in-residence project in Romagna in Montefiore Conca (RI) – A Castle for the Arts