World Wide Printmaking Demo



Demo for project World Wide Prints 
to start please type on your browser and then on the item "Collections" on the left

When we’ll start the project we will use the current "Link" item of the main menu, which will be renamed WWPrintmaking, to start browsing through Collections (one Collection = one Country).

There will also be a link directly from the home page of this website and from the Facebook page of the Association, and the link will be published in many printmaking related facebook pages.
On this page, instead of these notes, there will be a brief description of the project.
The subsections will be "Collections", which will contain a list of Countries and a sub-section for each Country. Other sub-sections will be used for other purposes such as news, exhibitions, publications, photo galleries, etc.
Being WWPrintmaking an international project where Italy will be just one of many Countries, both the Italian and English sections will be in English language.