Statute Article 1 - Constitutive declaration
A non-profit Cultural Association was established on 5 February 2013, called the Associazione Nazionale Incisori Contemporanei  based in Montebelluna (TV), Via Feratine 19 A / 3. Reference will be made hereinafter by indicating it briefly with the term Association.
Any change of address or headquarters within the same municipality or outside it will not involve any change in the statute or internal regulations.
The Association has an unlimited duration.
Article 2 - Aims and Purposes
The association, democratic and apolitical, does not pursue any lucrative purpose and is non-party. The primary purpose of the Association is to enhance, promote and develop the Italian art of printmaking at national and international level by means of educational, exhibition and possibly editorial activities, promoting agreements with scientific, cultural and educational institutions, both Italian and foreign.
The Association also pursues the following purposes: ......... download the complete statute (in Italian)