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Born in Chişinău in 1995, currently based in Florence. I attended the Art Institute M. Fanoli (Cittadella) where I discovered the main engraving techniques. After graduating in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, I specialized in Art Graphics under the guidance of masters Elena Molena, Andrea Serafini and Stefano Mancini. In 2018 I obtained the role of Tutor in the Lithograph and Woodcut courses, taught by Stefano Mancini at the same academy. For several years I have been collaborating with Lab 43 For Print, an engraving workshop located in Forte Marghera (VE). In 2020 I won the scholarship at the Fondazione Il Bisonte, Florence. The following year I was chosen as a laboratory assistant; I still continue my studies here on lithography.
My artistic research is permeated with autobiographical and inquiring elements of the unconscious: the female figures, constant presences in my works, are portrayed in the act of altering the somatic features of the face, as in a childish game of grimaces in front of the mirror. The beautiful design, the precision of the engraved stroke and the mastery of the engraving techniques combine with the search for a disruptive expressiveness, which emerges in the use of acid and implausible colors, creating an alienating effect in the viewer. Irony and introspective research mix, therefore, in a sensitive and refined story.