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Marco Poma is born in Chivasso (TO) in 1992. From 2013 to 2019 he attends the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, where he studies traditional printmaking techniques. In 2017, thanks to an Erasmus scholarship, he attends the Universitad Politecnica de Valencia for one year, where he studies various experimental printmaking techniques. He begins to take part in numerous national and international group exhibitions. After completing his studies in Turin, in 2019 he moves to Florence, where he attends the annual specialization course at the Il Bisonte Foundation - International School for the study of graphic art. He drews new inspiration and is very influenced by this environment, and that leads him towards a more mature artistic and graphic research. In 2021 he begins to work as Workshop Assistant at the Il Bisonte Foundation School, and since September 2021 he is a teacher at the School.
His visual research deals with the themes of waiting and silence, using traditional graphic techniques. The plate acts like a musical score, a page on which etched signs crowd into, marking the rhythm of a soundless speech. The resulting image in the print is a chance to describe this paradoxical concert, which spreads in a timeless time.