Countries are entered as subsections and a menu with the names of Countries is
automatically generated
on the left side of the page. As the number of participating
Countries grows, this menu could become
quite long. We therefore also insert a
table with the Countries names, thus drastically reducing the 
need for scrolling.
Each participating artist will send a maximum of two works, a picture of her/himself and a
short biography. In each Country section it will be displayed an image with artist
photo and bio and the image(s) of the work(s) sent.
In this demo you will see works that are bigger than 20x20 cm. This is just because
it is a demo. In the real project all the submitted works must be on paper of exactly
20x20 cm. In other words, the sheet must be exactly 20x20 cm, the image (plate)
can be of any size (possibly not too small) up to a maximum of 20x20 cm). The
submitted prints cannot be ex-libris


Argentina Japan Italy Country 4
Country 5 Country 6 Country 7 Country 8
Country 9 Country 10 Country 11 Country 12
Country 13 Country 14 Country 15 Country 16
Country 17 Country 18 Country 19 Country 20
Country 21 Country 22 Country 23 Country 24
Country 25 Country 26 Country 27 Country 28
Country 29 Country 30 Country 31 Country 32