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Gianni Favaro was born in Mogliano Veneto in 1949 where he still lives and works.
His approach to the art world dates back to the seventies when he began to paint. Supported by flattering feedback he continued on his path until, at the beginning of the eighties, his interest moved towards the techniques of printmaking that became its prevailing activity.
After an initial period of study and practice he enrolled at the “Scuola Internazionale di Grafica di Venezia” where he attended courses in printmaking techniques and a special course for artists under the guidance of Nicola Sene.
At the end of the eighties he is among the founders of the association "Atelier Aperto" and within this group he has the opportunity to deepen the research and application of traditional techniques, among which he favors the use of etching by combining it often with aquatint.
In the same period he also joined the group of artists of the "G.B.Piranesi" Cultural Art Center of Mogliano Veneto, of which he currently holds the position of director of the graphic section "Torchio Piranesi".
After several years of work, he has been able, since 2000, to transmit his knowledge by giving courses in engraving techniques at the "La Bottega" school in Jesolo, at the "Circolo Culturale Calcografico" of Mestre and at the "Torchio Piranesi" of Mogliano Veneto.
Since 2008 he has been a member of the ALI (Associazione Liberi Incisori).