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Fulvio Ioan is an artist and independent researcher. He graduated from the Ligustica Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa, Italy, with a Master’s degree in PAINTING and Decoration (2012-2015), and for years was assistant to the artist and woodcutter Giovanni Berio Ligustro. From 2018-2020 he was a scholarship student in ENGRAVING and MINTING at the Casa de la Monda (state mint) in Madrid, Spain. Fulvio practices chalcography and woodcut on paper and fabric. He paints with spontaneity, seeking the SINCERITY of the image. His work is an attempt at rebirth from the dark (both social and cultural). It is an intimate and personal expression, aimed at reaffirming the identity of BEAUTY. Fulvio has taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sanremo, Italy, and collaborates with the Ligustica Academy of Fine Arts, Genoa, Italy. He also frequently collaborates with many artists and experts in the field. He is currently working as an Art teacher for students with disabilities and he lives between Genoa and Madrid. Selected WORKS by Fulvio are now displayed in national and international private collections, and he has exhibited his works in a number of exhibitions including: The China Printmaking Museum, Guanlan, China; Museo Casa de la Moneda, Madrid, Spain; Real Accademia di Belle Arti San Fernando, Madrid, Spain; Collezione Alfio Milluzzo, Scordia-Catania, Italy; The Opera House, Leipzig, Germany; Sala Dogana, Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, Italy; The Central State Archives, Rome, Italy; Fuxian exlibiris Society, Shanghai, China; Mieska biblioteka publiczna w gliwicach, Gliwice, Poland; Sturm Palace, Remondini Museum, Bassano del Grappa, Italy; MaCN museum of contemporary art and twentieth century, Villa Renatico Martini, Monsummano Terme, Italy and The Civic collection of the Bertarelli Foundation, Milan, Italy to name a few.