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Pier Giacomo Galuppo



Pier Giacomo Galuppo was born in 1985 in Vicenza, Italy where he lives and works. After graduating at the A. Martini Secondary School in Vicenza, he continued his education at the Venice Fine Arts Academy where he graduated in Printmaking - Graphics (following the chalcography pathway. He took part in a workshop at the Warsaw Fine Art Academy refining his lithography and etching skills. He has taken part in various personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He is currently collaborating with the Busato Graphic Art Workshop in Vicenza. His subjects interpret an inner cross section of feelings, represented by entrails which discharge the artist's flow of emotions; dwelling on a taste for gesture and abstraction, concealing a subject which sometimes represents nonetheless an urban conglomerate which twists and contracts on itself, assuming the form of a fantastic “toy”. These towns or shapeless conglomerations of a mix of buildings and humans, run and develop expanding this volume, creating new spaces and widening their horizons. This is exactly what I represent in my cities, an urban conglomeration which is seen, if we can say so, from a “divine” point of observation (from above), which grows horizontally and climbs up, in the attempt of reaching the sky above. In the superimposition of spaces and surfaces which conceal or shed light on particular elements, which can be summarized as symbols of our times such as houses, palaces, skyscrapers, squares, towers or busy streets. In his more intimate, personal and physiognomic part, the one concerning faces, sometimes human and sometimes skeletal - symbols and omens of death but also of life's fragility - the “skull”, which has always tormented artists in the history of art, stands out.. Currently he is doing an internship at the Busato Graphic Art Workshop in Vicenza.