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Daniela Savini was born in Teramo in 1975 and she resides in San Giorgio di Mantova. After obtaining a Diploma at the State Art School of Teramo and then the professional certificate of Ceramic decorator, she moved to Parma to attend university and then to Mantua. She graduated in Conservation of Cultural Heritage and then she obtained the Diploma in Archives, Paleography and Diplomacy. After the university she resumed her natural inclination for art making as a mean and cathartic process of manifestation and realization of the ego. In 2007 she had the opportunity to publish an extract of the thesis in "Civilization Mantovana", XLII year, n. 124 "The votive: the Great Hospital of Mantua", pp. 28-39, Il Bulino art editions, Modena.
She began painting as a self-taught at the age of 16 in 1991 while attending the Art School but her public debut was in 2008 with a solo exhibition at the Galleria del Candelaio in Florence.
Since 2012, after meeting the painter and engraver Angelo Boni, she began the practice of engraving. In 2013 she bought a printing press, and since then she dedicates regularly to printmaking and painting. Member to the National Association Italian Engravers Association Vigonza (PD) from 2013 to 2015.
In 2014 she was selected for the XXVIII Fibrenus Prize, in 2015 the selection to the International Graphic Art Biennial Dry Point 2015 Uzice, Serbia and for the young engravers Award 2015 1st biennial of engraving "Giuseppe Maestri" - Bagnacavallo (Ravenna).

Her prints are located at the Cabinet G. Polanschi prints of Cavaion Veronese (Verona), Archive Sartori of Mantova, Museum of Italian Graphic of Vigonza (PD) and the Archive of Contemporary Art of Carnello- Sora, Galerie du Rift, Ville-Marie (Quebec) Canada, the Atelier Controsegno Veronica Longo, Pozzuoli-Naples, the archive of Guido Signorini Gallery (Lendinara-RO) and in the City gallery of Uzice -Serbia (International Graphic Art Biennial Dry Point.