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DANIELA CATALDI was born in Policoro,Basilicata, Italy in 1977. After attending the Liceo Artistico di Matera, she awarded her degree in Decoration at Accademia delle Balle Arti in Roma. She has been a student of  Gino Marotta e Giuseppe A. Gatt.
She conducted her studies on Middle Age and gained a deep knowledge of the medieval art, she wrote her graduation thesis  “The utopic city in the Middle Age”.
Daniela attended a course of painting decoration and ancient techniques in order to enrich her learning in restoration. She worked for the Superintendence of Cultural and Architectural Heritage of Aquila and Pescara.
After few years, she became a freelance and began to work as painter and restorer.
Since 2003, she is a teacher  in Art, Drawing and Image and  in  Art History.
Since 2009 she is working  as engraver in “Grafica di Via Sette Dolori” in Matera.
She takes part in competitions, artistic expositions and National and International festivals.
She organizes drawing, painting and engraving classes, in collaboration also with International artists.