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Bruno Gorlato was born in Padua on 12th February 1940.  In 1958 he achieved his diploma at the Art Lyceum in Venice and enrolled as a student at the University of Architecture, Venice.
He began teaching Art in the middle school, and collaborated with practices specialising in architecture and urban design.  In 1967 he took part in the National Competition for the new Museum in Padua.  During this period he also gained more experience as engraver.  In 1982 Padua Town Council organised his first exhibition, “Bruno Gorlato’s Metaphysical Fable”, curated by Giorgio Segato and Franco Solmi.
In 1991 he created a large painted banner for the Palio of the 10 Councils of Montagnana, which is conserved in Masi Town Hall.  A few years later he won the National Prize for his engraving “Busan’s Pencil”.  In 2003 Padua Province invited him to exhibit in Montreal and Poitiers, on the occasion of the twinning of these towns; a year later he was invited by the Town Council of Freiburg (twinned with Padua) to exhibit in the Alten Rathaus.  For the “Painting Month” organised by Padua Province he displayed paintings and engravings in two exhibitions.
Since 2008 Gorlato has been a member of the “Dialogo” group of ten Paduan engravers.  In 2009 he was invited with this group to represent Italy in the 6th Graphics Biennial in Novosibirsk.  In 2010, again with the “Dialogo” group, he was invited to display at the Nanwa Gallery in Tokyo.  In 2011 his work was on display in Padua at the exhibition “Engraved Dialogues”, The Art of the Sign between Padua and Japan held in the Cultural Centre Altinate/San Gaetano.  In 2012 he was invited to display at the 5th Biennial of Contemporary Engravers in the Barco Mocenigo, Castello di Godego (Province of Treviso).
He has exhibited his work in 50 personal and 40 collective exhibitions.  Seven monographs on his work have been published.

Dear Bruno died on 15 april 2021