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Minutella Stefano



Stefano Minutella was born in 1994 in Petralia Sottana, in the High Mountains of Madonie, where he grew up and received his education. After completing his classical studies in 2014, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, a fundamental place for his encounter with graphic art. In 2020, he moved to Florence to participate in chalcography courses at the “Fondazione il Bisonte” and took part in various exhibitions throughout Italy. He currently lives in Palermo, where she actively pursues her artistic research in his studio.
His work is strongly affected by the places in the mountains, moving between familiar and mysterious places, welcoming and obscure, he says ‘’never arrogant’’. In his works the mountain is experienced through the eye of the hare or the fox, as well as the horse, through rapid passages of imaginary subtraction and recomposition. A psychological and spiritual trace that is transformed into a very deep engraved mark, returning a great deal of ink to the paper. It is the impression that shapes the representation, like a photographic memory distorted by an altered temporal and spatial dimension.
A softground impression that captures all the moods of the material, taking us back to the places of the origins.