Participating artists

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Please find here the list of participating artists to the WorldWide Prints project as of 29th February 2020. At the moment we have 377 participating artists from 54 Countries. More prints are arriving.
Find also the lists of artists participating in the two first exhibitions.
The first exhibition (337 artists from 54 Countries), after the cancellation of  March 7th, is planned for May 2020 in our site at Villa Benzi Zecchini.
The second exhibition (315 artists from 52 Countries) is planned for June at the State Library "Stelio Crise" in Trieste.
As seen from the list, most artists will be shown in both exhibitions. This is why they submitted two (a few even more) works. Artists that have submitted one work will be exhibited either at Villa Benzi Zecchini or at the State Library in Trieste.

Participating artists to the WorldWide Prints project
Participating artists to the first exhibition

Participating artists to the second exhibition