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She was born in Buenos Aires, (Argentina) June 10th 1956.
Professor of Fine Arts, graduated in National Fine Arts School “Prilidiano Pueyrredón” in 1980, and Professor or Arts in Visual Arts, graduated in the National University of Arts in 2001.
She has done Postgrade Seminars in “New technological techniques in litographie” and in “Monotypes” in the National University of Arts, (2002-2003).
She has worked as professor of Fine Arts at different levels of education in artistic schools since 1985.
She has been jury in some contests and she was president of the Argentine Artists Society XYLON ARGENTINA since 2006 til 2013.
Some of her works are in museums and private collections of Italia, Panama, Cuba, Rumania, Rusia, Bulgaria, Turquía, Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, Poland, Dinamarca, Brasil, Minsk (Bielorusia), Francia.
She has participated in more than four hundred national and international Art Exhibitions since 1982, receiving several mentions and  awards.
Among the most important contests where she has been selected in the last four years:
2015 - Expo Torino (Italia), - Brest Print International (Bielorrusia), - Biblioteka Alexandrina (Italia), - International Print Iosif Iser (Romania), - Concurso ex libris Contratalla (España), - Enter-intoart (Alemania), - Lyuben Karavelov Russe (Bulgaria), - Ex libris della Montagna Abruzzo (Italia), - Ex libris Subotica (Serbia).
2016 - Ex libris contest Gliwice (Poland), - 36th International ex libris Congress FISAE Vologda (Russia), - Bienal Internacional de mini print Santa Fè (Argentina), - Mini print Internacional Paranà (Argentina), - Mini print contest Ostrow Wielkopolski (Polonia), - Concurso ex libris Internacional Contratalla (España), - International ex libris and small graphic Biennial Guangzhou (China), - Lyuben Russe ex vino ex veritas (Bulgaria), - International ex libris contest Gdansk (Polonia), -Abbazia di San Nilo (Italia), - International ex libris competition Varna (Bulgaria), - Czestochowa mini print (Polonia), - International contest Subotica (Serbia), - Premio Aqui Terme (Italia), - Premio Aqui Terme (Italia), - Trienal Mondiale de l’estampe, Chamalières (Francia).
2017 - Mini print Rosario (Argentina), - International print Biennial Varna (Bulgaria), - International print biennial Lodz (Polonia), - Lyuben Karavelov Russe (Bulgaria), - International print contest Iosif Iser (Romania), - Biennal Internacional de Gravat Josep De Ribera (España), - International contest Subotica (Serbia), - International contest Facultad de Còrdoba (Argentina), - Apatin (Serbia), - Miniaturas gràficas María Luisa Palacios (Venezuela), - Ex libris Lithuania.
2018 - Concours d’ex libris Armistice (France), - Proyectarte mini print (Argentina), - Istanbul ex libris (Turquia), - E’Carta Milano (Italia), International ex libris Varna (Bulgaria), - Lyuben Karavelov ex littera (Bulgaria), - International ex libris Gdansk (Polonia), - International PrintMaking Biennial in Cacak 2018.